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Integrated territorial strategy (ITS) of sustainable urban development (SUD) Lucenec 2022 – 2027 (2030)






Task of the KRI: Preparation of the document

Duration: June 2021 – June 2022

Financing: The budget of the city of Lucenec and other municipalities of the SUD territory

ITS Lucenec is a medium-term development document for the territory of Lucenec – the core city, Tomásovce, Vidina, Halic, Stará Halic, Panicke Dravce, Velká nad Iplom, Pincina, Rapovce, Tuhar, Mytna, Divin, Mikusovce, Bolkovce, Trenc. It is developed in accordance with national and regional goals and priorities for the programming period 2021-27.

The document defines 4 development areas: Work at SUD Lucenec,  Transport in SUD Lucenec,  Green SUD Lucenec reacts to the impacts of climate change • Humane and for life attractive SUD Lucenec



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