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Catalog of adaptation measures of BSK cities and towns to the adverse impacts of climate change






KRI role: Catalog creation

Partner: Bratislava self-governing region

Duration: May 2016 – November 2016

Financing: BSK budget

A comprehensive publication that brings readers a broader perspective on the topic of adaptation to the effects of climate change at the local level. In addition to the compilation categorization of adaptation measures, it also informs about the process of the climate change deepening, about the current and expected effects of climate change on the territory of BSK, about relevant legislation and strategic documents related to climate change adaptation, about the process of preparing an adaptation strategy for cities and towns as a basis for implementation adaptation measures, it presents examples of good practice from Slovakia and abroad, as well as some currently known possibilities for financing adaptation processes.

The catalog is mainly intended for executive representatives of local self-government and local state administration. It can also be used by the public, the business sector and other entities living or having activities in the territory of cities and towns in Slovakia.



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