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Local Climate Adaptation Strategy – municipality of Spisska Teplica






KRI‘s Role: Drafting of the Local Adaptation Strategy

Partner: Municipality of Spisska Teplica

Duration: May 2017 – September 2017

Financing: Municipal budget (via the Programme of the Village Renewal)

By elaboration of a Local Climate Adaptation Strategy the municipality of Spisska Teplica became one of the first Slovak municipalities to adopt a systemic approach to this issue. This strategy is primarily focused on the identification of locations that need to be addressed in relation to the negative impacts of climate change identified on the municipality´s territory. Apart from the implemented adaptation measures, the strategy strives to ensure that all municipal planning and decision-making activities are in compliance with the Adaptation Plan. The abovementioned document forms a basis for a systemic way of addressing negative climate change impacts and for increasing the quality of lives of local citizens in the long-term. However, it also forms a precondition that is essential for external resources acquisition, as climate change adaptation represents one of the key topics identified by various Slovak and foreign grant schemes, financial mechanisms, and the like.



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