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Cities Resilient to Climate Change Impacts – Trnava Inspiration






The role of KRI: Management and professional leadership of the project

Partner: City of Trnava

Duration: April 2013 – February 2015

Funding: Program of Swiss-Slovak cooperation, Slovak State Budget, co-financing by KRI and a partner

The project dealt, as the first in Slovakia, with the problem of non-incorporation or insufficient incorporation of climate change impacts into planning and decision-making at the city level in Slovakia. The Trnava city became one of the first examples that had a comprehensively prepared Adaptation Strategy with an emphasis on heat waves. Selected adaptation measures were also implemented on a pilot basis, and a grant program was created for the public, which enables civil initiatives to implement adaptation measures as well. The Association of Experts Dealing with the Response to Climate Change in the Urban Environment (AEDCC) was established as a Slovak independent, voluntary, interdisciplinary platform of experts participating in the development of knowledge and its application in the area of the impacts of climate change on the quality of life and urban development.



Impacts of climate change on vulnerable groups in Slovakia

Adaptation Plan of Bratislava Self-governing Region

Trees In The Context Of Response To Climate Change In An Urbanized Environment (seminar recording)