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Partnership for Mitigation of Climate Change Impacts on Development






Partners: Kosice – West city district – lead partner, City of Miskolc, Zold Akcio – expert NGO, Hungary

KRI‘s Role: Methodological and expert assistance provided to the lead partner

Duration: January 2013 – March 2014

Financing: Cross-border Cooperation Programme Hungary – Slovakia 2007-2013, State budget of the Slovak Republic, own resources

Unique in Slovakia, a methodology for assessing vulnerability to heat waves and torrential rainfalls was developed and applied in the city of Kosice -district Kosice West, and also in the city of Miskolc. Based on it, a strategy for mitigating climate change impacts was prepared. The basic principle of the strategy was the selection of optimal adaptation measures to help local residents and entities to the greatest extent possible. Those that have low costs and a quick benefits, that also have an effect other than adaptation and those that are acceptable to the public were preferred. As part of the project, the publication „Adaptation to climate change – the urgent role of cities“ was published.



Impacts of climate change on vulnerable groups in Slovakia

Adaptation Plan of Bratislava Self-governing Region

Trees In The Context Of Response To Climate Change In An Urbanized Environment (seminar recording)