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A strong voice of civil society in the design of public policies at the time of climate






Role of KRI: Professional leadership and management the project

Duration: May 2020 – June 2022

Partners: Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research – Oslo Metropolitan University Funding: Active Citizens Fund grant program, EEA and Norway grants

The theme of this research project was to emphasize the topic „socially just adaptation to climate change“, with an emphasis on the involvement of all relevant public and private actors. The goal was to build the capacity of civil society organizations in this topic so that they could be equal partners of the public administration. Last but not least putting together informal coalition of non-governmental organizations that promoted this topic, was the part of the project.



Impacts of climate change on vulnerable groups in Slovakia

Adaptation Plan of Bratislava Self-governing Region

Trees In The Context Of Response To Climate Change In An Urbanized Environment (seminar recording)