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The public helps the city administration create a climate-safer Kosice






The role of KRI: Management and professional leadership of the project

Partner: City of Košice

Duration: April 2019 – December 2021

Funding: EŠIF OP Effective Public Administration, co-financed by KRI

The project had two basic thematic lines:

  1. Adaptation plan of the city of Košice for climate change (2022-2030), which identified the most vulnerable processes, sectors and parts of the city’s territory to climate change. Possible adaptation options were proposed, not only of a technical nature, but also in terms of planning, decision-making and management. As part of the project, a detailed community adaptation plan was also prepared on the KVP housing estate, and a participatively selected adaptation measure – shading of the children’s playground – was also implemented.
  2. Public awareness and participation is a key prerequisite for the development of a good plan, which will be accepted by the public as much as possible and subsequently implemented with its active participation. We focused on raising awareness of the importance of preparing and adapting to the impacts of climate change and strengthening the public’s motivation to participate in the adaptation process.



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