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Impacts of climate change on vulnerable groups in Slovakia

Initial survey within the concept of socially just adaptation to the climate change. The survey was carried out as part of the project „Strong voice of civil society in the creation of public policies at the time of CLIMATE CRISIS – KLIKRI“ (official Slovak name of the project „Silný hlas občianskej spoločnosti pri tvorbe verejných […]

LIFE DELIVER: DEveloping resilient, low-carbon and more LIVablE urban Residential area

The role of KRI: Professional guarantee and implementation of selected project activities Project lead/coordinator: City Borough Bratislava – Karlova Ves Other partners: BROZ, Bratislava; CI2, o.p.s., Prague and IEPD Bratislava Project duration: June 2018 – December 2023 Financing: European Commission – LIFE Program, national and own co-financing The aim of the project is to search […]

LIFE Tree Check: Green Infrastructure Minimising the Urban Heat Island Effect

The role of the KRI: Expert participation in the project solutions and management of selected project activities Project lead/coordinator: Partnership Foundation, Brno (CZ) Other project partners: CzechGlobe (CZ); Ekotoxa (CZ); SAFE TREES (CZ); Őkotárs Alapítvány, Budapest, (HU); LEMITOR (PL) Implementation period: September 2018 – August 2022 Funding: European Union’s LIFE – Climate Protection program, co-financed […]

A strong voice of civil society in the design of public policies at the time of climate

Role of KRI: Professional leadership and management the project Duration: May 2020 – June 2022 Partners: Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research – Oslo Metropolitan University Funding: Active Citizens Fund grant program, EEA and Norway grants The theme of this research project was to emphasize the topic „socially just adaptation to climate change“, with […]

Climate strategy of the Malacky city

Task of the KRI: Preparation of the document Duration: 2021 – 2022 Financing: Budget of the Malacky city  The uniqueness of the Climate Strategy of the City of Malacky lies in the fact that it is the first in Slovakia to link the processes of adaptation and mitigation to such an extent that a coherent […]

Adaptation plan for climate change – city of Kosice (2022-2030)

The publication is avant-garde in readiness for a systematic process of increasing the climate resistance of cities and can serve as a methodological guideline for other cities as well. This process is based on an innovative methodology, developed in KRI, in assessing the vulnerability of the city’s current strategic documents, planning, decision-making and budgeting processes, […]