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Effective Management as an Instrument of School Development

The task of KRI: Project management and lead expert Partners: Association of Secondary Hotel and Business Schools, Spisska Nova Ves; SVS of Transportation, Kosice; Kosice Self-governing Region and Presov Self-governing Region; Methodology and Pedagogy Centre, Presov Duration: October 2006 – September 2008 Financing: European Social Fund Achievements: Preparation, pilot testing and approval (by the Accreditation […]

Local Centre for Knjaževac Region Development

The task of KRI: Project manager and know-how transfer Partners: Timok Club, Knjazevac, Serbia Duration: May 2006 – April 2007 Financing: Bratislava – Belgrade Fund Based on the transfer of Slovak experience and know-how, a local business centre has been established and put into operation in the Knjazevac region, Eastern Serbia, to increase the economic competitiveness […]

Rural Cross-Border Centre for the Support of Tourism Development in the town of Dlha Ves

Partners: Town of Dlha Ves (SK) – lead partner, Aggtelek municipality (HU) The task of KRI: Methodological management of the project, status quo analysis, designing and testing of support models Duration: September 2005 – November 2006 Financing: PHARE Program Communication mechanisms for higher competitiveness of cross-border sub-region / municipalities located in the vicinity of the […]