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So that the city does not burn –  guide to climate-conscious city planning with an emphasis on mitigating urban island heat with green infrastructure

The ambition of the document is to offer concise and comprehensible educational material that will enable more conscious and effective planning of city development in times of climate crisis, development of green infrastructure, reducing the effects of urban heat island, and last but not least – raising awareness and motivating city employees to actively address […]

Catalog of selected adaptation-mitigation measures for the urbanized area

In order to help city governments orientate themselves and assist in the selection of appropriate measures, a team of experts compiled the „Catalog of selected adaptation and mitigation measures for urbanized areas“. The document offers a clear description of recommended measures for the urban environment, which will contribute to a better understanding of the interrelationships […]

Adaptation to climate change – tasks, approaches and tools of local governments

The manual is intended for elected and executive representatives of local and regional self-governments, including spatial and strategic planners, heads of offices, experts in various departments, etc. It has the ambition to be their assistant in adapting to climate change and summarizes current knowledge on this topic in a clear form. It is divided into […]

Catalog of adaptation measures of BSK cities and towns to the adverse impacts of climate change

KRI role: Catalog creation Partner: Bratislava self-governing region Duration: May 2016 – November 2016 Financing: BSK budget A comprehensive publication that brings readers a broader perspective on the topic of adaptation to the effects of climate change at the local level. In addition to the compilation categorization of adaptation measures, it also informs about the […]