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Climate strategy of the Malacky city

Task of the KRI: Preparation of the document Duration: 2021 – 2022 Financing: Budget of the Malacky city  The uniqueness of the Climate Strategy of the City of Malacky lies in the fact that it is the first in Slovakia to link the processes of adaptation and mitigation to such an extent that a coherent […]

Adaptation plan for climate change – city of Kosice (2022-2030)

The publication is avant-garde in readiness for a systematic process of increasing the climate resistance of cities and can serve as a methodological guideline for other cities as well. This process is based on an innovative methodology, developed in KRI, in assessing the vulnerability of the city’s current strategic documents, planning, decision-making and budgeting processes, […]

Adaptation strategy of the Hlohovec city

Task of the KRI: preparation of the document Duration: June 2020 – October 2021 Financing: budget of the city of Hlohovec The vision of the city of Hlohovec is to ensure a climatically high-quality and safe environment for life and business in the city in the coming decades. In this context, it wants to set […]

Local Climate Adaptation Strategy – municipality of Spisska Teplica

KRI‘s Role: Drafting of the Local Adaptation Strategy Partner: Municipality of Spisska Teplica Duration: May 2017 – September 2017 Financing: Municipal budget (via the Programme of the Village Renewal) By elaboration of a Local Climate Adaptation Strategy the municipality of Spisska Teplica became one of the first Slovak municipalities to adopt a systemic approach to this […]