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LIFE DELIVER: DEveloping resilient, low-carbon and more LIVablE urban Residential area

The role of KRI: Professional guarantee and implementation of selected project activities Project lead/coordinator: City Borough Bratislava – Karlova Ves Other partners: BROZ, Bratislava; CI2, o.p.s., Prague and IEPD Bratislava Project duration: June 2018 – December 2023 Financing: European Commission – LIFE Program, national and own co-financing The aim of the project is to search […]

LIFE Tree Check: Green Infrastructure Minimising the Urban Heat Island Effect

The role of the KRI: Expert participation in the project solutions and management of selected project activities Project lead/coordinator: Partnership Foundation, Brno (CZ) Other project partners: CzechGlobe (CZ); Ekotoxa (CZ); SAFE TREES (CZ); Őkotárs Alapítvány, Budapest, (HU); LEMITOR (PL) Implementation period: September 2018 – August 2022 Funding: European Union’s LIFE – Climate Protection program, co-financed […]

A strong voice of civil society in the design of public policies at the time of climate

Role of KRI: Professional leadership and management the project Duration: May 2020 – June 2022 Partners: Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research – Oslo Metropolitan University Funding: Active Citizens Fund grant program, EEA and Norway grants The theme of this research project was to emphasize the topic „socially just adaptation to climate change“, with […]

Good Urban Climate policies

The role of KRI: Management and professional leadership of the project Duration: April 2018 – December 2020 Financing: European Social Fund – Operational program Effective public administration, KRI co-financing The project dealt with development of urban public climate policies (MVKP), by optimizing of enabling environment, and by introduction of processes and systems for their implementation. […]

Aware urban planners and architects at the head of the adaptation process in Slovak cities

The role of KRI: professional leadership and management  of the project Duration: September 2019 – August 2020 Funding: The project was supported from the Cohesion Fund, through OP Environmental Quality Urban planners and architects play a key role in the response of cities to the impacts of climate change through urbanism and spatial planning. That’s […]

Tourism and Climate Change at Slovak Paradise National Park

KRI’s role: Professional leadership and management of the project Partner: Regional tourism organization SLOVENSKÝ RAJ & Spis Duration: December 2017 – March 2018 Funding: Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic – Regional Development Support program The project created predispositions for the systematic reaction of tourism development actors to climate change impacts that threaten […]

Building capacity of the V4 Region‘s in Climate Change Adaptation

Partners: Energiaklub (HU) – lead partner; Institute for Sustainable Development (PL); CI2 (CZ) CDI‘s Role: Partner Duration: January 2017 – December 2017 Financing: Visegrad Fund The project´s intention was to increased climate change awareness of local decision-makers and other stakeholders in V4 countries. The KRI prepared three examples of best practice (the cities of Trnava, […]

Zipping and Innovating the Development Planning of the Cross-Border SK-UA Territory

KRI’s role: Professional leadership of the project Partners: Regional Development Support Agency Košice (lead partner), Technical University of Košice, Agency for Regional Development and Cross-Border Cooperation TRANSCARPATHIA, Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Sør-Varanger Municipality, Košice Self-Governing Region, Zakarpattia Regional State Administration – associate partners Duration: October 2015 – April 2017 Funding: Norwegian grants, […]